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Do Italy like the Italians

Italy is one of my most requested destinations. Home to exquisite food and wine and breathtaking vistas, over 46 million tourists visit this amazing country every year. Italians are very kind, outgoing, family-centric and extremely patient (unless they...
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Girlfriend Getaways

One of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry is “girlfriend getaways”. With all the stresses of everyday life, there is nothing as enjoyable as getting away from “reality” with true friends who allow (and even encourage) you to let...
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What’s Hot in Iceland?

From its stunning glaciers and geysers to its breathtaking hot springs and waterfalls paired with an intriguing history and vibrant capital city, the only problem you will have when paying a visit to this Nordic island nation is deciding what to include...
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Amsterdam is For Everyone

My husband and I recently spent a few days in Amsterdam after a river cruise. I had forgotten what a beautiful and delightful city it is. I was struck by the fact that there is something there for everyone and recommend a visit. Amsterdam is for lovers...
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