About Transportation

The “early bird avoids Stress”

- Check-in on line 24 hours prior and put boarding passes where you know you can easily get to them the next day.

- Book an early flight. There are less likely to be delays as the plane will originate in your gateway early in the day. This is especially important when you have connecting flights

– Get to the airport early. Follow airline guidelines and allow plenty of time to go through security.

Taking the Stress out of Air Travel


- Technology is your friend! Download app for your airline on your phone. Get flight information and delays. It also allows you to check in without a paper boarding pass.

- There are also apps for airports, helping you to navigate easier or find restaurants and shops


Taking the Stress out of Air Travel

- OK, most of us can’t afford to travel first class or business. But did you know that for a little extra on long hauls you can get a seat with more legroom- usually 4-7 inches. On an overseas flight that can make a huge different

- TSA pre-check and Global Entry. Did you ever print a boarding pass and see tsa pre check on it? It allows you to go through a different (shorter and faster) line for security. You don’t have to take off your shoes and light jacket or separate your toiletries. You can get this for all flights for $85 for 5 years. However if you plan to travel out of the country even once during the 5 years, spend an $15 and get Global Entry. It gives you kiosk check-in when re-entering the US and avoids the long customs and immigrations line.

Taking the Stress out of Air Travel


One of my biggest challenges as a travel advisor is finding good connections on long hauls where you need to change planes. Forty minutes in Atlanta is simply not enough. If traveling internationally you go through customs at your first entry into the US. So if you end in Denver but connect first through New York, you go through customs in New York. I recommend a minimum of 2 ½ hours for these connections when traveling back from outside the US. Better to have too long a connection than too short. Have extra time? – enjoy the airport and eat, shop or have a massage!


So now that we’ve gotten you through security with a comfortable seat, let’s make sure you have everything you need.

- Snacks- think protein, fruit, nuts, cheese sticks. I find I often “carb out” on travel days and feel terrible the next day. Bring your favorite snacks with you and buy water after going through security.

– Comfortable clothes- wear loose comfortable clothing and shoes you can actually walk in. Have a sweater or wrap as planes are often chilly.

- Distractions- an earphone or plugs to cancel out noise- or your annoying neighbor. Bring an engrossing book (I never travel without my Kindle) or puzzles. Parents know to do this for their children but we often forget ourselves!