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It's time to travel again! Join with friends to see some of the most famous sights and hidden gems in exciting destinations with an Escorted Tour by Kingsbridge Travel.

What's an Escorted Tour?

When you want to get to know a place, an escorted tour is the best way to experience that destination. Be guided by experts with excellent on-the-ground knowledge, who will introduce you to the best that each region has to offer.

Fantastic guides

Escorted tour guides are well-trained and professional. They know each destination they take you to, probably better than they know the backs of their hands. With them, you travel to and explore places that you would never think of as a solo traveller. They pride themselves on their superpower of bringing to life the history of each destination to teach you things that would likely take a longer time to learn on your own.

Careful & Detailed itineraries

Escorted Tour itineraries are comprehensive and do not just take in the major sites, they include the nooks and crannies that a solo traveller might miss. Your tour guide ensures that you enjoy the best experiences at the right time of the day, week, month and year. You'll never spend time traveling to a place that is closed!

Something new every day

Most escorted tour company programmes are well planned. They arrange must-do activities and attractions that guarantee the best experiences on your trip. So, of course, visiting the same place over and over on the same trip is never going to happen. Go to sleep knowing that the next day will be different and exciting.

Details, details, details

No need to worry about hotels or transportation to and from each stop, an escorted tour accounts for these. Your tour guides will be available to help you throughout your trip. Your responsibility is to enjoy the place, the moment, the atmosphere and get ready for the memories you will make.

Make fast friends

You will be with the same group of people throughout the tour. Whether sitting on the bus or hopping from place to place, these people will stay with you. By the end of the trip, you will be sharing contacts and planning your next escorted tour together as a new, fun group.

Perfect for singles

Escorted tours are an excellent choice for singles. Don't have a special someone right now? The nature of group tours provides ideal situations to make new single or coupled friends in a casual and natural environment.

Choices for different age and fitness levels

There are many options of escorted tours for you to choose from. There are senior-friendly and varying fitness level tours you can choose from if you desire a more relaxed and leisurely tour with less outgoing activities. However, for a more exciting and challenging kind of tour, you can go for a tour that has energy using activities like long walks, hiking, and sports activities. Tell Diane your activity level so she can recommend the best-escorted tour for you.

Cost effective.

An escorted tour is less time-consuming and saves you more money than trying to find the cost of visiting different places and putting together a plan all by yourself to see different places, within a specific time frame and budget. Compared to private and self-planned tours, escorted tours tend to be cheaper because planning for an adventure is already taken care of. With a wide range of destinations and budgets, there's always something for you to choose from, and you will know all the details ahead of time so you can choose what's best for you.

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Popular Escorted Tour Destinations

Check out a sampling of some of our favorite escorted tour destinations.
Then call Diane to plan and book yours at 813-972-3400!

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  • Kingsbridge Travel Australia Escorted Tours Australia
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  • Kingsbridge Travel Germany Escorted Tours Germany
  • Kingsbridge Travel Greece Escorted Tours Greece
  • Kingsbridge Travel Hungary Escorted Tours Hungary
  • Kingsbridge Travel Iceland Escorted Tours Iceland
  • Kingsbridge Travel Ireland Escorted Tours Ireland
  • Kingsbridge Travel Israel Escorted Tours Israel
  • Kingsbridge Travel Italy Escorted Tours Italy
  • Kingsbridge Travel Japan Escorted Tours Japan
  • Kingsbridge Travel New Zealand Escorted Tours New Zealand
  • Kingsbridge Travel Portugal Escorted Tours Portugal
  • Kingsbridge Travel Scandanavia Escorted Tours Scandanavia
  • Kingsbridge Travel Spain Escorted Tours Spain
  • Kingsbridge Travel Switzerland Escorted Tours Switzerland
  • Kingsbridge Travel Vietnam Escorted Tours Vietnam

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What our customers are saying

  • "Our travel agent, Diane Ross, planned a trip-of-a-lifetime for us. We wanted to cruise, but also to tour. Because Mom is 88, navigating around a large ship would have been too strenuous. A river cruise was the answer! Diane had so much knowledge about various lines, and was able to narrow down the selection for us. An elegant environment was important to us, as well as cuisine. She found an ideal itinerary and knew which cabins were the most spacious and well-located. The ship’s staff knowledge of the (60th) birthday made the celebration more memorable (which Diane facilitated). She inquired about our interests to enhance our enjoyment of the trip. As a result, while docked in Paris, she arranged a Walking Tour of chocolate boutiques for us! Everyone loves chocolate, but I think few travel agents take the time to learn about their clients’ likes and dislikes, so that they can personalize their trip in such a lovely and different way. In addition to her professionalism, Diane’s depth of traveling experience allows her to recommend and implement trips for clients on every scale, from a local getaway to an around-the-world voyage. I can’t recommend her services highly enough."

    IJ, Cherry Hill NJ
  • "Dear Diane, I've just returned from my French river cruise/stay in Paris, and am so pleased with this thrilling experience! After our cruise, the hotel you selected in Paris was well-located, comfortable, and affordable yet not chintzy. We especially loved the (included) elegant and expansive breakfast. In spite of all the joys Paris has to offer, the highlight was my day at the Jacquemart-Andre museum, something I would never have known about except for the advice of the concierge. This is the second trip you've arranged for me -- the first being my Mediterranean cruise and stay in Rome with my grandson -- and both have been stellar experiences with not a hitch. I'm eager to go to Europe again soon, and I can't imagine ever using any other travel agent."

    Pat Busbice
  • "I want to recommend Diane Ross of Kingsbridge Travel. I knew I wanted to take a river cruise, but I had no idea of which one, when, or what ship. Diane gave me what she called “river cruising 101”. She explained the difference between ocean and river cruising and found the perfect cruise for me. She even planned my before and after cruise stays and recommended optional excursions. If you want to take a river cruise, call Diane. Alice L"

    Alice L
  • "Diane Ross was extremely competent, professional, and always available to assist with any concerns or questions I had. She always promptly returned phone calls or emails throughout the planning process, and even on one occasion during the trip. Diane guided me every step of the way and attended to every detail to make my dream trip a reality. Thanks to her expertise, my experience was worry and stress free. I will be planning a return trip to Europe, and wouldn't consider anyone else as my agent."

    Diane Hayes

Meet Diane Ross

Diane Ross, owner of Kingsbridge Travel, has been in the travel business for over 20 years. She has the coveted designation of CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor) which requires several years of study.

Diane works with a collection of escorted tour companies that cater different travelers and their varied needs. Whether it’s a special occasion like an anniversary or a milestone birthday, or special interests in history, art or food and wine, she will find the right tour and experience to suit you.

Kingsbridge Travel also handles different budget constraints although they specialize in 4-6 star properties and tours. In addition to set tours, Diane can craft a special itinerary for her clients to see and do exactly what they want.

From hotels and tours to special events, she’s got you covered. Arranging private transportation and tickets to sporting events, private dinners in local homes, or entry to a fashion show, Diane’s contacts abroad ensure the best experience for all.

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Escorted Tours F.A.Q.

  • 1. What are some of the best tours if I’m new to escorted touring?  

    Escorted tours can take you anywhere your heart desires. You may want to start more locally in the United States. Though there are many areas of our country to explore, the National Parks are among the most popular.. If you want to venture further out, I recommend starting with Europe. The most popular countries for first time visitors are Great Britain and Ireland, France and Italy. There are also tours that combine a number of countries.

  • 2. What is an escorted tour?  

    An escorted tour has a tour director that stays with your group from beginning to end. In addition there are local guides in each location. Most often it includes traveling via motorcoach from place to place, but other forms of travel such as train and air are used when different stops are far apart.

  • 3. What is included on an escorted tour?  

    A tour director that is with you from beginning to end, accommodations in every city and excursions are included with every tour and company. Some meals are included with daily breakfast usually included with most, along with some lunches and dinners. Different tours and different companies have different inclusions.

  • 4. Will my flight be included?  

    In most cases, air is additional and price is based on your particular gateway. Many tour operators get special fares that save money.

  • 5. What are some great reasons to do this instead of doing it myself?  

    You will have someone with you from beginning to end who makes sure everything goes smoothly. A tour is more efficient time-wise as they have been put together by experts to maximize time and see the most with your allotted time. Many travelers love traveling with a group to share experiences and make new friends.

  • 6. What are some of the best escorted tour companies?  

    It depends on your budget and where your are going. For moderately priced tour and value, I favor Globus. For luxury tours, I most often recommend Tauck.

  • 7. Will I meet friends on the escorted tour?  

    Some of the most memorable experiences are meeting and bonding with new friends while traveling. It’s a wonderful way for single people to travel as they have “built-in companions”

  • 8. How far ahead do I have to book?  

    As far out as possible. Prices and availability are best the further out you book. Pricing and availability are usually available a year in advance or more. Keep in mind air is not available until you are within 330 days from return. However, air can be added later after booking tour.

Where's your next Escorted Tour?

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