Top 5 Reasons Luxury Expedition Cruises Are So Popular

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Between 2019 and 2020, Antarctica had nearly 74,000 tourists. Over the past five years, that is nearly double the average amount of visitors. While 74,000 tourists may seem like a lot, it is well behind many popular tourist destinations that receive an influx of millions of visitors annually.

Expedition cruises are one of the ways you can travel to and experience the ruggedness of Antarctica. These cruise lines specialize in adventure, exotic destinations, and remote travel. If you think you have to cram into small quarters and sacrifice comfort to see some of these places - think again. 

In our complete guide, we have outlined the top five reasons you should book a luxury expedition cruise today, so keep reading on for more information!

1. Experience More Adventures

The best expedition cruises will allow for more adventures off the ship. Many traditional cruises travel to popular and heavily trafficked tourist destinations. You have limited time for on-shore experiences since most activities tend to happen on the ship.  

2. Retain Luxury Cruising Experiences

Luxury expedition cruises give you the best of both worlds, including adventure and ultra-luxurious rooms and lounges. You will have smaller crew sizes and plenty of experts on outdoor matters such as marine life, exotics, and geography. These ships might also be outfitted with explorer or discovery lounges that combine luxury with nature and adventure where you can learn more about the places you will be visiting. 

3. Travel To Remote Places

The benefit of luxury cruising with an expedition line is traveling to remote locations and islands that mainstream cruises neglect. While not every ship is outfitted for adventure or harsh climates, here are some of the most remote places you can travel to by boat:

  • Greenland
  • Antarctica
  • Yukon, Canada

There are also several islands for those who prefer milder weather, like Easter Island, Faroe Islands, and Papua New Guinea. If you have some challenging bucket list countries and places to reach, a luxury expedition cruise is an excellent choice. 

4. All-Inclusive Expenses

Similar to standard cruises, you will have all your expenses paid for. Typically, most cruises require you to purchase your flight tickets.

Otherwise, expenses like where you'll stay and food are completely covered. For those who want to take the logistics out of planning extensive (and expensive) trips, this can be less of a headache. 

5. Smaller Luxury Cruise Vessels

A luxury expedition cruise is not complete without your onboard experience. Choosing an expedition cruise gives you exotic experiences, world-class dining, and premium service, all on small vessels. Expedition cruises use smaller vessels to navigate tighter channels and visit the world's most remote countries and places, providing a more intimate experience. 

Find Your Next Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruises should be next up on your vacation bucket list. It combines the ultimate travel destinations with luxury cruising. You can visit some of the most difficult to reach and remote places on the globe without sacrificing comfort. 

These premium cruise lines specialize in adventure and employ crew members who can provide insight and information on relevant geographical topics. Are you ready to get started with your next adventure? Contact us today and let us help you start planning your next luxury expedition cruise.