What Makes Sydney So Popular

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What Makes Sydney So Popular?

Sydney’s status as one of the top tourist destinations in the world is nothing new; indeed, it seems its popularity has beenon a continuous upward trajectory for quite some time now. On top of the well-established scenic, architectural and cultural charms that the sunny city has long been known for, new reasons to visit Sydney are emerging every year, as its cultural and culinary life change and grow.

Below, we’ve rounded up just a few of the reasons Sydneycontinues to pull in visitors from every corner of the globe – and keeps them coming back for more.

It’s home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks

There are only a tiny number of buildings anywhere on the planet that can equal the instant recognition factor of the Sydney Opera House. Seeing the armadillo-like structure in the flesh is a strange experience indeed, given how familiar it already is to most of us. And when you’re looking at it in reality instead of in a photo, you can actually get to see a concert, comedy show, opera or other performance inside.

Meanwhile, Bondi Beach might be less immediately identifiable from its appearance alone, but its name is certainly well-known to people all over the world. Joining the sun-worshippers and surfers on this golden strand feels like stepping into a book you’ve read countless times before.

The local food and coffee scenes have never been more happening

Just when it seems the number of new openings of exciting restaurants and cafés in Sydney must have peaked, the city keeps on giving its foodie visitors more. For some of the most lavish places to dine out, Harbour City should be your first stop.

In addition, there are still plenty of long-term favorites that haven’t been elbowed out by the new, including an abundance of tiny Greek and Italian coffee shops, scattered throughout the city. Make no mistake – Sydney is a place where coffee is treated with the respect it deserves.

The Aboriginal culture is captivating

Sydney’s oldest attraction is also one of its most compelling: its rich Aboriginal culture, which has roots dating back tens ofthousands of years. There are various ways to get to know this side of the city, but one of the most consistently highly rated is the Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour. Thiswalking tour is led by an Aboriginal guide, who will reveal the very different character that this city takes on when seen through the lens of this ancient and fascinating culture.

The city’s calendar gets more packed each year

With a city this size, it’s hardly a surprise that there’s so much happening, all the time. For a start, there are the long-established festivals that locals look forward to each year, such as the vast Sydney Festival, dedicated to the arts, and the joyful celebration of LGBT culture that is the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Then there are the celebrations held all over Australia, but which are especially lively in Sydney – for example, the firework-heavy New Year festivities and the unmissable Australia Day revels.

And finally, there are the new events that crop up each year, from farmers’ markets to niche music festivals. Some take off and become mainstays of the Sydney calendar, while others are a one-time novelty that will be replaced by something newer and shinier in subsequent years. But in any case, the list of celebrations and festivals in the city just keeps growing.

There are amazing day trips to be had

You could spend a whole vacation exploring the city of Sydney itself and still keep coming back for more; but if you do want a change of scenery or two during your stay, there are plenty of fantastic places to explore within easy driving distance.

Head to the west to hit the dramatic Blue Mountains, where sweeping valley views and nature-filled bushwalks await. Or make your way north to the wine region of Hunter Valley, where a myriad of wineries will welcome you into their tasting rooms to sample their delights. To the south, meanwhile, lies the dense Minnamurra Rainforest, where the greenery is alive with a wealth of different species.

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