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I have been booking vacations with Kindsbridge Travel for over 5 years and just recently came back from my Honeymoon, which was all made possible by travel agent, Diane Ross. The level of detail that Diane provides a customer is jaw dropping. Whether it was an email, a phone call, or even an in-person visit before our honeymoon, my wife and I were always given the most up-to-date information which helped us make a smart choice on where we wanted to go. I have recommended Kingsbridge Travel to multiple people because I have never had such positive customer service before. One example will always stick out in my mind. The night before I left the country for my honeymoon, I received a notification from the airline saying that there was a travel advisory and flights in/out of Italy could be delayed or canceled. Now please note, Diane was away on business and unavailable via the regular means of communication but don't fear - her husband stepped in and emailed/called me at 10:30pm in order to let me know what was going on and how it would all be handled. I knew I was in good hands and I didn't worry about a thing! With Diane, you can ask her for recommendations and you will get an honest answer. She travels the world for a living and can give you first-hand knowledge into the places you want to go. I have never been so satisfied with all my vacations before and I owe her a big thank you for everything she has done. My wife and I are looking into booking another vacation next summer already and can't wait to work with Diane and Kingsbridge Travel.

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