Why Is River Cruising So Popular Now?

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River cruising is having a bit of a moment right now, with multiple cruise companies opening up new routes along major rivers including the Mekong and the Rhine, and launches of ever-more-advanced river cruise ships being an increasingly regular occurrence. These decisions are all driven by an uptick in demand for cruises along the world’s great waterways – so what’s behind it?
There are a few key reasons why river cruising is catching on. Here are a few of them.

River Cruises Open up the World

There is now a huge menu of river cruises available across the planet. It’s a fantastic way to see everywhere from Russia to Myanmar to Zimbabwe. If a destination has a river, there’s a good chance you can explore it on a cruise. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective and often the most luxurious way of visiting multiple stops in one journey – with the travel itself becoming part of the adventure. A river cruise offers a romantic means of exploring everywhere from the romantic rolling countryside and picturesque villages of the Rheine to the elegant and historic cities scattered along the Danube.

River Cruises Take You to the Heart of the Action

Because river cruise ships are specially designed to take you to places large seagoing vessels simply can’t, you can cruise right into the center of world capitals, accessing ports that would otherwise be off-limits. This means you can really make the most of your time in each stop along your route.

River Cruise Ships Are Luxurious

New developments in river cruise ships means that the majority now combine the lavishness, comfort and novelty of a larger cruise ship with the intimacy, personalization and customer service of a much smaller vessel. While most cruise ships carry fewer than 200 passengers, they also come with on-deck features like swimming pools, spas, movie-theatre size screens, nightly live entertainment and much more besides.

The Scenery Will Make Your Jaw Drop

On a seagoing cruise ship, you’re sure to be treated to countless astonishing views as you’re coming into ports and on sections of the journey when you’re hugging the coast. And of course, even when there’s nothing around for miles, the sea itself can be incredibly beautiful.
But a river cruise elevates that level of beauty even further. When you’re cruising down a river, there will be so much to see at every step of the journey. Every time you go up on deck, new architectural and natural wonders will present themselves, usually on both sides of the ship.

River Cruises Are Practical

It’s not the most exciting reason, but its impact on your experience can’t be underestimated: river cruises simply make good sense. Your accommodation travels with you, so you never have to uproot yourself; your meals and often your drinks are included, so surprise costs are kept to a minimum; and the most exciting route and fulfilling excursions are selected for you, saving you the stress of planning your own itinerary.

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